Wing Chun is a principles based art that focuses on relaxation and development of good body mechanics. It is an excellent art for stress relief, improving muscle coordination, and developing healthy movement patterns.

Wing Chun is based on principles of efficiency, directness and simplicity. It is a great art to learn for all ages and body types. On the surface it seems straightforward, but it is a deep art that can be enjoyed and developed for years upon years.

Rocket Wing Chun follows the Ip Man Lineage of Wing Chun. While we follow the traditional forms, drills and progression found in traditional Wing Chun schools, we embrace the concept of Wing Chun as a “Living Art”, one that is constantly evolving and changing to fit the times and needs of its practitioners.

Traditional Foundations

Ip Man Wing Chun consists of three empty handed forms, one wooden dummy form and two weapons forms. These forms are done individually, with focus on proper structure and force generation. Forms are done in a relaxed, focused state and provide a long term foundation for development and a way to practice the martial art outside of class.

In addition to solo forms, there are a number of cooperative partner drills used to develop the skills and techniques introduced in the forms in a controlled and safe way. Drills start out soft and slow, with emphasis on releasing unnecessary tension in the body. As the student progresses, drills become increasingly more complex and intense, adjusting to the level of the student.

One particularly important and iconic exercise in Wing Chun is Sticky Hands, or “Chi Sau”. This exercise is a semi-cooperative drill where both partners apply the principles and techniques of Wing Chun in attacking and defending against each other in a controlled manner. Chi sau is highly engaging, with a great amount of potential skill development  and allows expression of each person’s personality and style.

Ip Man Movies

An entertaining, action-packed introduction to the art of Wing Chun can be found in the Ip Man series of movies, with Donnie Yen taking on the role of Grand Master Ip Man. While there are many liberties taken to make the fights entertaining and flashy, the core personality and ideals of the art is portrayed in the films. The very forms that Donnie Yen performs in the movies are the ones we train at our school!

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