Training Philosophy

Rocket Wing Chun approaches learning the art of Wing Chun through two basic steps:

STEP ONE – Build a strong Traditional Foundation in Wing Chun through:

       – Learning the three forms: Siu Lim Tao (Little Idea), Chum Kiu (Crossing the Bridge) and Biu Gee (Darting Fingers)

       – Developing skills through Solo and Partner cooperative drills

       – Refining skills and principles through Chi Sau, or “Sticky Hands”, a controlled non-cooperative drill

STEP TWO – Apply these traditional foundations in a Modern Context by:

       – Learning techniques and methods for relaxation and stress-relief

       – Developing healthy functional movement and proper posture

       – Exploring methods to train better and smarter, and how to set and achieve goals both in training and in other areas of life

       – Building confidence and assertiveness in class, for use in the workplace and in every day life.

       – Learning how to overcome obstacles and setbacks in a safe, supportive environment

Your Journey as a Student

New students begin with learning the first form, Siu Lim Tao, which serves as an introduction to the core principles of the art. The form is practiced slowly and deliberately. Through practice students develop awareness of tension and stress within their body and their mind and learn to release it. Students develop concepts of structure and rooting, efficiency of motion, simplicity, relaxation and directness. Over time, students develop good posture, coordination, and balance in the body, which has cascading benefits not just in the practice of the art, but in every day life.

In addition to Siu Lim Tao, students are taught drills that build upon the principles introduced in the form. While there are some solo drills, many of the drills are partner drills where two classmates train together to develop their skills. Drills are cooperative and adjusted to the skill and comfort of the partners, and students are encouraged to ask questions and give each other feedback. 

As the student progresses, learning the entire first form and gaining confidence in the introductory drills, they will be guided through the rest of the system by Sifu May. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Wing Chun is a fun, exciting and deep art, with many layers to be unraveled over time. We hope you will enjoy every step of the way!

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