We are a small and welcoming school focused on training Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun. Classes are relaxed and friendly, with individualized attention given to each student so that they can progress at their own pace.

About Sifu May

May has been training Wing Chun since 2010. She has trained under two separate Ip Man Lineages and maintains good relations with both of her schools. She believes in developing skills through slow, deliberate exercises that build strong foundations for future techniques and applications. Her instruction encompasses both hard skills such as body coordination and partner drills (cooperative and non-cooperative), as well as soft skills such as relaxation and mindfulness. She believes that learning Wing Chun is an excellent vector for personal development.

Her martial arts journey has lead her to train at the Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng China and to compete in kickboxing events here in Vancouver. She strongly believes in the value of cross-training and incorporates modern training practices and pedagogy into both her own development and those of her students.

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