About Sifu May

Training History

May began training Wing Chun in 2010. The curriculum, a mix of traditional Wing Chun and Shaolin Kung Fu, provided a solid foundation for her martial arts while also developing the health and wellness aspects of Shaolin training.

During this period, May developed a style of Wing Chun that concerned itself with precise technique, powerful structure and tight, controlled aggression.

In 2015, May moved to Vancouver BC and began training under Sifu Eric Li. Sifu Li’s style was a sharp contrast to May’s original style, focusing almost purely on the flow of energy and sensitivity to the opponent’s movements. May adapted to her new school, and found that despite the stark contrast in training styles and methods, both schools shared a common foundation of skills and philosophies.

May started teaching Wing Chun at the beginning of 2019, at the request of a friend and with the approval of her current master, Sifu Li. After gaining a few more interested students through word of mouth, May decided to open up her school to the public, naming it Rocket Wing Chun.

To this day, May continues to train under Sifu Li, and draws on the similarities and differences in her training to teach her students. She does her utmost to embody the traditional sifu-student bond of mutual respect and caring, both as a student to her own sifu, and as a sifu herself to her students in Rocket Wing Chun.

In addition to Wing Chun, May has several years of Shaolin Kung Fu training. During her training she also traveled with her class and trained with the Shaolin Monks at the Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng, China. This training formed a base of fitness, health and flexibility for May’s martial arts development.

In June 2018, May began training Muay Thai at District Warrior in downtown Vancouver. She now trains the art almost daily, and has now won her first three amateur kickboxing competitions. She intends to continue competing for the foreseeable future out of love for the sport and to deepen her overall understanding of the martial arts.

May is a strong believer in cross training between different martial arts. She believes that Wing Chun is the perfect base art to develop the core skills and mindset necessary for success in the martial arts.

More importantly and significantly, she believes that Wing Chun is a fantastic art for developing healthy life skills and mindsets. Wing Chun principles are profound and applicable to every day living, and May loves sharing the art with anyone who wishes to train with her.

Wing Chun Lineage

Ip Man -> Ip Ching -> Eric Li -> May Chan


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